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Click to read a sample!An amnesiac struggles to conform in a nation that administers a Watched List of its own citizens.

He meets people who accept invasive surveillance by the government and forced uniformity by the church as necessary safeguards for protecting national security.

But will the fresh perspective from his rebirth be a blessing or a curse?

We, The Watched
is a dystopian novel by award-winning journalist Adam Bender. It is available now in paperback ($8.99) and as an eBook ($2.99).

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About the AuthorAdam Bender

Adam Bender writes speculative fiction that explores modern-day political fears with a balance of action and romance.

A journalist by day, Adam has reported extensively on technology and the international debate between personal privacy and national security.

Adam is a senior journalist for Computerworld, Techworld and CIO in Sydney, Australia. He previously covered US politics on Capitol Hill for the esteemed Washington trade journal, Communications Daily.

Visit Adam's home page at and follow him on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.


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Separate Heretics from Patriots in this HTML5 game about government surveillance!


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